The song, "Frank's Song" is available to be heard in its entirity. (Clicking on the link will download the MP3 song which may be played by Winamp, Real Audio, or other audio player). This song was written by Rita Joe and performed by Nerissa Denny.

Frank's Song
(Someday My Dear I'm Going Away)
Someday my dear I'm going away
The other place my home is there
I'll be around where lovers they play
In your dreams I love you every day
 Someday my dear I'm going away
Not meaning to but Niskam* say
Then so true it happens that way
He went away and now I am so blue.
So true are words of love
We take them all, not knowing when they will end
So true of what we say
We build it in our heart, for now it is so good.
Someday my dear I'll be seeing you
The words I say they are so true
Someday my dear, the stars they will shine
Together then, our love will show for all the time
Someday my dear together we'll roam
The loving land where lovers go
 Someday my dear our dreams they will fly
When love is true, the dreams we share they do not die.
~ Rita Joe, January 30, 1997
Copyright © 2000 Rita Joe
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